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Donations to date £ 3425

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G-bay is the culmination of two desires of mine. In addition to the money I hope to raise via this site for my motorbike challenge, the G-bay service will also enable me to simultaneously support the charity Cancer Research UK.

By using and donating unwanted items via G-bay, you will be helping Cancer Research UK fund its extensive and ongoing research into this disease.

G-bay is very simple

  1. Rummage around your house for items that you would like to donate.
  2. Contact me to arrange a collection date and time
  3. A minimum donation of £30 is required for all G-bay collections.
  4. Your £30 will be contributed towards my India Challenge whilst your unwanted items will be taken straight to a Cancer Research charity shop

Whilst the spirit of G-bay is fun I still think that I need to lay down a few rules

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