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Safe flight Gav - see you in Hong Kong baby!! Janey x x x 25-03-2007 18:32
Bev - I can confirm that Delhi Belly is alive and kicking (literally) throughout India :( Gavin 22-03-2007 15:31
Gav - Finally got time to read your blog and its brilliant, well done on an amazing achievement and I hope the "Delhi Belly" days are behind you. Bev 22-03-2007 15:15
Hi Gav, back from Milan fab time. Going to see Betty in hospital in Hampstead! Hope you are well- had a lovely day yesterday with Laura - but missed you! Auntie Stella is here and coming with to see Betty and sends her love and she says dinner will be w Mum, Laura, Stella & Herbals x 19-03-2007 12:24
ps: u may be a boat captain but am not sure u r quite ready for the Queen Mary 2! dani 13-03-2007 23:58
hey sweets, well done for completing ur task gives a whole new meaning to happy landings! am loving the diary and v impressed u found a synagogue on ur travels. miss u so much lots of love xxx Dani 13-03-2007 23:57
Gav. had a lovely birthday yesterday - missed you but Jane stood in for you - she did you proud!!Now have only one wandering the planet Mum, Herb & Laura xxx 12-03-2007 23:54
Gav, I have been a keen follower of your stories and i look forward to hearing more from you on your return. Goldberg 12-03-2007 14:49
keep it coming its nice to know other people have a life while i sit here marking year10 mocks!!!! ortal xx 11-03-2007 22:39
cons!!!!!!!!!!! mate i miss u cant wait to hear ur stories! its great to c ur ugly face and doing stuff! give me a ring! nahari!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11-03-2007 04:36
Darling Gav, whats a mother to do? Now have 2 offspring wandering the universe! Love & miss u very much - blog keeps me close to u! Herbie wants to know why he couldn't have joined u!!!!!! Mum & Erb x 10-03-2007 15:26
Gav, my angel! Im such an ass - this whole g-bay diaries went in one ear and out the other. Ells just showed me the site, so i'll be checking in more regularly to track your adventures. Im sooo proud and glad that you made it thru in (almost) 1 piece. Vick x 10-03-2007 10:16
hi Gavin it has been so lovely for me and the children to read your diary. You have certainly had some brilliant adventures. So jealous! LOADS AND LOADS OF LOVE CLAIRE CARA JOE AND CHLOE PS Cara got into st martins. pps looking forward to celebratin claire webb (mums mad friend!) 09-03-2007 19:07
award and anyone with information should ring 0845 070707 The bit you wont like to here is that they've got Graeme Le Saux playing you in the reinactment. Keitho! 08-03-2007 18:40
Oi Oi Trouble ... That's another fine mess you've got yourself into !!!! You might be interested to know that CRIMEWATCH has been on the phone and have already received numerous telephone calls in regards to the driver of the truck ... there is an aw Keitho! 08-03-2007 18:39
oi mate the diary is soooo cool, it is quality reading. and the photos, well they say it all. especially of that mash up one of your face - mind you it actually makes you look well hard! we all miss ya here in the office. back to work. ciao. Have a G David Suter 08-03-2007 16:17
Your blog has been a great read Gav. Makes me want to get back out on the road again even more! Big Congrats for getting through it - its a great achievement and like you said you probably don't know it yet but could well be a life changing one. Enjo Ellie 08-03-2007 11:39
Gav you're a star i know how much this all means to you, its amazing what you have achieved! am very very proud to be called your friend! and am even more touched that i got a special mention!!!!!!! (however- spell my surname wrong again and you'll wish ortal xx 07-03-2007 17:05
FOR NICK - shame you always look like you've come off a rugby field!! Andy 07-03-2007 14:55
hey boy wonder what about a call to the old biddie! mum x 06-03-2007 21:04
Nice one mate, really well done! Glad to see you looking like you've just got off the rugby pitch for once, now who's laughing! Nick 06-03-2007 18:55
congratulations Gav , vat a trip!! j 05-03-2007 19:22
What can i say? Glad you made it and you should be really proud of what you've done (Trip and all). Andy 05-03-2007 12:07
Congratulations Gav - you made it! Ashley 05-03-2007 10:55
Little G, WooooooooHooooooooo!!! you did it!!! So proud of you!! Call me you Mooney!!! x Big L 04-03-2007 21:05
Hey Gav, love your blog and pics! it feels like its been a real life changing trip, to commplete the challenge so glad you got to meet some interesting people along the way!! Mum is so proud of you but hwey we all are proud of you well done make lo Judy 04-03-2007 17:48
Mazeltov on finishing the challenge in one piece! U are such a great blogger - but then I knew that already. Love u lots Mum & Herbie xx 04-03-2007 17:39
Gav its been great reading your blog and following your trip, I've loved it all! HUGE congratulations on finishing the challenge!!! So incredibly proud of you. Stay safe and enjoy your lie in tomorrow. Janey X X X X 03-03-2007 21:20
Hi, glad to hear you are ok, what an adventure, the pics are amazing. We are all very proud of you. Watched the DVD last night, haven't cried and laughed so much in ages!! Thanks for the copy. Enjoy the rest of your trip. All our love WJY, Loulou and th Warren 03-03-2007 20:15
hey action man, am sorry to hear about ur injuries but am so proud of u for picking urself up and continuing on. Looks amazing, am really loving the photo's and am also not suprised that u managed to get the tree house! keep safe and merry travels Dani 03-03-2007 15:11
loving the diary Gav, just made my morning, poor cow, cool tree j 03-03-2007 10:28
Carmit again: What can I tell you I have a crazy aunt. What does it say about me? I hope nothing! loveya again Carmit Carmit again 02-03-2007 23:32
Dear Gavin maybe you should come to Israel after India? With your new face you look much better. Hope you have a great time. Love Carmit P.S. Dogs can't write, so the massage from Herbie is actualy from your mom ( incase you didn't know). What can I t Carmit 02-03-2007 23:25
Conway style! Thats right! Your blogs make my day little G ! Lovin'it! xxxxxxx Big L 02-03-2007 00:37
sounds incredible! Trust you to get the best room in the house! thinking of you loads mum x 01-03-2007 21:39
Why didn't he just tell the cow to moooooooooooooooooooooooooove! Ashley 01-03-2007 17:07
hey Gav, looks amazing . shame about your face, but it was never you best feature, now your bike is. take care J 27-02-2007 22:12
hey big bruv - what about my walkies? missing our special love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbie x 27-02-2007 18:49
Gav - Whats next? Only joking!!!! Missing you but the blogs are sooo fab and make great reading! With you all the way...Love & kisses Mum x 27-02-2007 18:48
Gav - Whats next? Only joking!!!! Missing you but the blogs are sooo fab and make great reading! With you all the way...Love & kisses Mum x 27-02-2007 18:47
People will use any story when they get beaten up by a girl! Very jealous to hear about the amazing things you are seeing and hope your face is better (well, at least how it was before!). Ashley 26-02-2007 16:22
your a special boy and friend and i wish you so much happiness and enjoyment on your travels..missing you,sending you love & hugs..millions of love, monkey laura (aka..cheeky monkey) 26-02-2007 15:02
Lovely Gav,so nice to read your diaries, a wonderful experience,i'm so proud of you,back from aus and will read your blogs, so sorry to hear about your accident,wishing you better, enjoy this experience of a lifetime, take care of yourself, your a speci 26-02-2007 15:00
Hey Gav, hope all things are ace since the bullet vs. truck incident. The sights you're seeing look incredible and kudos to you for taking this on for such a worthy cause. Good luck with the rest of the trip and let me know if I can get a takeaway. Leigh 26-02-2007 10:11
Checking in everyday G! Big Love from Hollywood! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mooney 26-02-2007 05:30
Gav, my brave little soldier! Sure you haven't had lip implants? What a trooper you are! The pics and blogs are wonderful - good on ya! Mum & Herb x 25-02-2007 18:33
Hey Gav - Rach and me here! Miss you lots - muitos beijinhos para ti xx 25-02-2007 01:06
Spoke to Jane who told me you had phoned and that everything is going well - thinking of you lots - it is raining here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum x 23-02-2007 18:52
be careful of dodgy lorry drivers that have never seen a DVLA handbook -let alone read one!!!!!!!!!! oi veh xxxxxxx Mooney 23-02-2007 17:37
Hey Gav - you look very Village People!! Good to hear things are going well. Ashley 22-02-2007 17:19
Come on Gavsta, I'm waiting for the next exciting installment..... Have you hit a cow yet? Andy 22-02-2007 14:59
got you gut gut gut!!!! xxxxxxxxxx dont be smiling for the camera instead of watching the roads potsy! love you xL xxx 21-02-2007 23:28
Gav, Just read your first 'blog' and saw your pic - don't forget to pick the helmet up!!!!!!! Herbie wishes he was with you!!!! Mum again x 21-02-2007 21:51
So, you have arrived safely! Good luck with the challenge - so proud of you! mum x 21-02-2007 21:42
hey Gav, loving the photo, sounds like u are having an amazing time...missing u xxx Dani 21-02-2007 19:32
Gav, there are only a few hours left until your big challenge! Good luck! Janey xxx 18-02-2007 14:36
Gav - good luck, this sounds totally amazing. Have a fab time biker boy x Emma 16-02-2007 18:20
Don't be daft, cheques went out of date in the 80s with Filofaxes! Nick 14-02-2007 11:55
You can always send a cheque nick? Maybe they dont have them up Nooorf? Gavin 14-02-2007 09:06
Mate, I am destined not to give you anything. Computer says No! Bloody PayPal! Nevermind mate, didn't want to anyway! Nick 13-02-2007 17:20
Dude, one more week! Andy 12-02-2007 01:39
GOOD LUCK GAV. have a wicked time, see you when you get back. Jamie 10-02-2007 19:44
Go Gav GO! Hope it goes really well will be thinking of you marielle x 06-02-2007 16:16
Good luck Gav - remember to take Imodium with you!! Ashley 30-01-2007 13:13
Good for you! From an ex-tenant who is very impressed ... sorry I couldn't find someone to fill the place! You'll love India ... good luck, and enjoy! Marianna 30-01-2007 12:19
Fat boy, Wishing you lots of luck on a great challenge for a very worthwhile cause Love Lard arse Bev 23-01-2007 15:27
Gavin, neskutocna idea a myslienka v tomto uponahlanom svete, drzim palce a maximalne dufam, ze sa Ti sen, na ktorom tak neuprosne a intenzivne pracuj Rene (Bratislava, Slovakia) 08-12-2006 18:53
Gav you are so super-fly, i am so proud of you!!!! love and luck Orty xxx 04-12-2006 09:12
So impressed Gavin - you've inspired me to stop thinking about myself and do something for others ... I'm thinking of setting up a soup kitchen Dexter 10-11-2006 15:46
Gavsta, Major congratulations on getting ur licence to drive a bike am wishing you lots of happy hours cruising, much love xxx Dani 08-11-2006 22:33
herbie loves you a secret admirer 07-11-2006 15:08
millions of good luck hugs and love to you special friend...xxxx laura (aka , Cheeky Monkey) 07-11-2006 14:56
Gstar, What an unbelievable experience of a lifetime, I'm so proud of you. Wishing you all the luck in the world that you deserve and enjoy it...milli Laura (aka, Cheeky Monkey)xxx 07-11-2006 14:55
hi got your website from your cousin Warren, I too am taking part in a challenge in Feb 2007 - treking in Thailand. Wishing you all the very best an Kathy Jenkins 26-10-2006 09:18
Hey Gavin!my mum just told me about your internet site...a really good and cool idea!!! keep it up:-) Karlos(Ruth`s sun) 23-10-2006 17:41
OH...your my brother cons! im spreading the site to the beverly hill-billies! ALFIE 19-10-2006 00:09
WEBSITE LOOKS GREAT CONS!!!!!!!!!! thats 'what i call living the dream'. u know ur the man....just remember i will get u where ever u go...GOT YOU LAS ALFIE 19-10-2006 00:04
Great website Gavin. Will spread the word and give you a donation next time you come in. Good luck. Rozelle 15-10-2006 16:55
Brilliant Idea as usual. I expect nothing less from the Hoff! I will be spreading the word! I actually have a few old spares from a Renault I used to D5 09-10-2006 18:12
But its an extreme way of maxing out on your fav takeaway. Bring back a bhaji for me? David L 08-10-2006 08:47
Vot a mensch! You really got some balls, cousin. Two things: this is shaping up to be the adventure of a lifetime, and I absolutely admire your style. David L 08-10-2006 08:45
Wow-good luck with this . You have my full support Daniel S 06-10-2006 14:45
Unfortunately I cant collect in Birmingham :( However I can be bribed with the promise of candy. Gavin 06-10-2006 11:27
Gavin - This is a fantastic idea - your dad would have been so proud of you! Do you collect in Birmingham?? Helen 06-10-2006 11:02
What an amazing thing your doing....Good luck! lots of love xx Sarah Ingram 05-10-2006 11:49
Woof woof - go Gav please name your bike after me! Herbie 01-10-2006 22:32
GO GAVSTA!!!!!!!!!! Am supporting you all the way, Good Luck Mr Boat Captain, love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dani 29-09-2006 17:18
Good luck, Gav! Wow what an experience! Your Muvva x 28-09-2006 18:28
O pá Gavinho - tu és tão sexy fofinho. Eu quero muitos beijinhos para sempre. Vem deitar comigo. Queres uma bocecha para jantar???? Macacou 25-09-2006 22:06
since this is a charity site maybe you can help me ... I need a date, apply via Gavin Lucy 25-09-2006 16:08
Gavin, Keith wrote that not me! sorry people! Good luck with this my lovely! x 25-09-2006 16:07
since this is a charity site maybe you can help me ... I need a date, apply via Gavin Lucy 25-09-2006 16:07
since this is a charity site maybe you can help me ... I need a date, apply via Gavin Lucy 25-09-2006 16:06
I think this site is a great idea - I hope you make your mark on the world with it just don't expect me to help with the pick ups!!! Keitho 25-09-2006 14:34
so proud of you little brother!! you have my pile- do your thang!! L xxxxxxx LA Sister 23-09-2006 04:46
good luck!!!!!!!! u need it Alfie! 22-09-2006 10:14
Think I make it as visitor No.2. If i don't spot any more mistakes i might even donate!! Andy. N 20-09-2006 14:34
Good luck with this Gav. Very honoured to be the first official visitor! Poppy 20-09-2006 14:32
I'm honoured that you would name your bike after me! Enjoy the ride and good lukc with the fundraising Giselle Bundchen 20-09-2006 14:23
Best of luck with this important cause. Branding enroute buddy. Gotta see about some fishies in Egypt tomorrow, but i'll be back in a couple of weeks Matty G 18-09-2006 18:01
Ola Gavinho - acqui fala Gisele. Eu quero muitos beijinhos Gisele Bundchen 17-09-2006 20:53
He's not an elf, he's a goblin Fairy princess 17-09-2006 20:27
The website was created by a group of elves. Their boss is Gavin 17-09-2006 08:35
this is a great website, who did it for you Andy 16-09-2006 23:30
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