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Donations to date £ 3425

Donated items 751

There are several ways you can make a donation

Online Via PayPal

I have set up a PayPal account which will enable you to donate safely and securely via your credit or debit card. To donate via paypal please click link below and you will be taken straight to paypal services. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service!

Money Transfer

If you wish to transfer funds directly into my account then please contact me and I will provide you with my account details. Understandably I don't want to put these details online!


Nice and easy!


Please make cheques payable to Mr G Conway and send to:
Gavin Conway
Flat 5
Putney House
92-94 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 6SG

Text Message

Send a text message via your mobile phone with the word 'Gavin' in the body of the text to 80225.

You will be charged 5 for this text message and it will automatically appear on your mobile phone bill or taken off your pay as you go credit. Please note that network operators take a 'processing fee' from your donation and therefore the charity will not be receiving the full 5. Please view the table below to see exactly how much of your donation the charity will receive. Please note that this service will NOT work with O2 Customers.

Network Operator
Charity Receives
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